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Revista Española de Cardiología (English Edition) Revista Española de Cardiología (English Edition)
Rev Esp Cardiol. 2017;70:1137 - Vol. 70 Num.12 DOI: 10.1016/j.rec.2017.06.004

ECG, December 2017

Pedro Martínez-Losas a,, Miguel Ángel Cobos Gil a

a Instituto Cardiovascular, Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid, Spain

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Free articleResponse to ECG, December 2017
Pedro Martínez-Losas, Miguel Ángel Cobos Gil
Rev Esp Cardiol. 2018;71:47
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A 48-year-old hypertense male smoker, with a 1-year history of unstable angina, required implantation of 2 drug-eluting stents in the left main coronary artery and the left anterior descending artery. He attended the clinic for a follow-up exercise test. The test was discontinued during stage 2 of the Bruce protocol, on reaching 7 metabolic equivalents, because of atypical chest pain. The electrocardiogram at the time of discontinuation is shown in the Figure.


What is the correct diagnosis and appropriate approach?

a) Negative exercise test; clinical follow-up required

b) Exercise test not evaluable; stress echocardiography should be performed

c) Positive exercise test; medical treatment should be adjusted

d) Positive exercise test; coronary angiography should be performed

Suggest a diagnosis to this ECG Contest at: http://www.revespcardiol.orges/electroreto/70/12. The answer will be published in the next issue (January 2018). #EKGchallenge.

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